Annual Conference

Early registration begins Friday, August 20 // Tickets: $15

Regular registration begins Monday, September 20 // Tickets: $20

Location: Your computer, tablet, or phone

Scholarships available

Join us for our virtual medical symposium for those in-treatment or post-treatment for breast or ovarian cancer, as well as medical professionals, therapists, and health educators. This is a day to share knowledge and inspire hope!

This year, our lineup of speakers includes Dale Larson, Ph.D., Donald Abrams, M.D., Stacy Kennedy M.P.H., RD, CSO, LDN, CPT, and more!

Presentation topics include: 

  • Empathy, Compassion, and the Challenge of Caring in Difficult Times
  • Microbiome, Gut Health, and Supplements During Cancer Treatment
  • Cannabis and Cancer
  • And more!

You can also watch clips from our 2020 Cancer Conference year on our YouTube channel here.

Thank you to our incredible 2020 Sponsors!

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