Financial Assistance

We can help, so you can focus on your health. 

The financial challenges cancer treatment may bring often feel overwhelming.
We have a program to help you.

Karen Swanson Fund

If you have metastatic breast or ovarian cancer (stage IV), this fund is meant to fulfill a special need or an end-of-life request. The fund is not meant to be used for medical treatment or basic living expenses, but for improving quality of life while living with cancer. Limited funds available.

For more information and an application,
please contact Sonia Sifuentes, Director of Programs and Services,
at (650) 326-6299, ext. 13, or email her here.

The Breast & Ovarian Cancer Emergency Fund 

If you’re in treatment, this fund can help with expenses to keep you safely in your home or get the care you need, by helping with rent, utilities, co-pays, funeral expenses, medications, etc. 

For more information about who is eligible and how to apply,
please contact Carmen Wintergerst, Client Care Coordinator
at (415) 584-3449.
Picture  “Thank you, BACC, for giving me
a safe place to land
during my own cancer journey. Your staff and resources helped me through it all.
I will forever be grateful.”
​- Esther, May 2020

We can help in many other ways.  Please email us here, or call us at 650-326-6686 and we’ll connect you with other helpful resources.