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BACC Boutique

Our on-site Boutique is a hidden gem in the Bay Area as it provides hundreds of wigs, hats, scarves, bras, breast prostheses and swimsuits at absolutely no cost! All of these supplies are graciously donated and our trained staff and volunteers are on hand to assist with any fittings to see what you like. After

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Exercise and Rehabilitation as a Part of Cancer Treatment

Exercise and rehabilitation play an integral role in helping patients return to work and regular activities after cancer treatment. In May 2018, the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia (COSA) issued formal guidelines recommending exercise as an integral part of cancer treatment. They join organizations such as the Academy of Oncology Physical Therapy, the Academy College

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Time Out

I find it inspiring to hear from people across the globe about their stories of family caregiving. Whether it has personally touched them or they know of others going through it, the stories are heartwarming and heartbreaking. Quite often the difficult things to hear are the effects of the caregiver’s life. Our team at Breathing

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Bay Area Cancer Connections Hosts 15th Annual Cancer Conference

Bay Area Cancer Connections (BACC), the largest nonprofit educator and free support network serving anyone affected by breast and ovarian cancer in the Bay Area, is hosting its 15th Annual Cancer Conference which features medical experts, updates on treatments and wellness along with a resource fair​. Press Release

Right to Try: What Does It Mean For You?

By Michelle Esser, Senior Program Manager, Research and Advocacy, Young Survival Coalition ​A new law recently passed by Congress and signed by President Trump has been making headlines over the past few months. This “Right to Try” law allows terminally ill patients to request an investigational drug that has completed Phase I trials directly from  a 

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Latina Breast Cancer Agency Merges With Bay Area Cancer Connections

Latina Breast Cancer Agency (LBCA), which provides free access to breast health resources for low income women and women of color, will merge into Bay Area Cancer Connections (BACC), the largest nonprofit educator and support network serving anyone affected by breast and ovarian cancer in the Bay Area. Press Release

If Only I Could Find A Way Through

When my life gets on overload (raise your hands with me on how many of you find yourself in that position), my brain seems to disappear. I have a thought, and in a blink, something else comes up, and I race to find the idea I had because it disappeared so quickly. Blink. Gone. It

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Benefits of Eating Seasonally

Eating seasonally is kind of my thing—you could say that it borders on obsession. You could also say that I’m a food and nutrition geek…you’d be right. Here are a few reasons why I’m a big proponent of eating seasonally:1) Seasonal produce is often grown locally and is therefore fresher because it hasn’t traveled nearly as far

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“A Gift of Cancer” a personal story by Lauren Huffmaster

Cancer treatments create a massive physical struggle and a daily fight for survival. Constant medical scrutiny leads to insecurity. Treatments take away strength, both physical and mental. Then one day, my last treatment is done and it hits me: What comes next? Is the cancer gone? How will I know? Isn’t there anything else that

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