10 Ways You Can Support BACC

It is no secret that we absolutely love our BACC community. There’s a good reason that our Executive Director has been known to send emails and letters with the sign off “sending hugs!” It’s because, even before this pandemic, we knew we had the absolute best community.

Now, during this time, our love and appreciation for all of you have grown even more as you continue to ask amazing questions like:

 “How can we support BACC right now?”

Well, first of all, let’s start with: THANK YOU for asking. We could not be more thrilled to have a community as engaged as you. Read on to find our list of some of our favorite things our community has done (and can continue to do!) for us: 
1. Introduce us to your friends – by forwarding an email.

One of the #1 ways new clients find us is from word-of-mouth (or word-of-emails, in this case). Any time you can forward our emails along to someone new, that’s an opportunity for them to send it to someone they know, or perhaps to read about a volunteer opportunity they didn’t even know they were well-suited for!

2. Support our partners by shopping with them or using their services.

We are always growing our list of Partners – these are organizations that have shown their support for us in a variety of ways, and we would love to return the favor for them! (If you’re in the market for a new favorite fitness studio when all this is over, we have quite a few on that list!)

3.      Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Your clicks and double-taps mean more to us than you may know! Every time you comment on a post, or “Like” and “Share” an image, you help expand our reach. Even giving us a review on Facebook can help someone who is researching BACC for the first time get some insider insight into what they may experience if they give us a call.

4. Tell us how you feel.

We are passionate about our work, and nothing inspires us more than hearing about our impact from your point of view. Your story can even turn into testimony (with your permission, of course) that helps us share with an even broader community. Send us an email or give us a call right now – as you’re reading this – it truly makes our day when you share with us.

5. If you’re making purchases on Amazon, use Amazon Smile.

At no cost to you, you can support BACC. Order that extra book you were on the fence about and a percentage of the amount will come back to us.

6. Volunteer a few hours of your time and expertise.

We are always in search of new skill sets to support our team and introduce fresh perspectives into our work. (In fact, right now we’re looking for a graphic designer and a blog contributors to help us out – do you know any?). Don’t see a description you like on the list? Send our Volunteer Manager a note – she can give you the inside scoop on how to best match your skills to our organization.

8. Review us on Yelp, Facebook, or anywhere else you know of!

Your review can help sway someone during a pivotal decision-making moment. – Think about the last time you read a review (positive or negative) that influenced your decision – you could be that anonymous person who encourages someone to take the step and call us.

9. Think of someone in your circle (work friend? neighbor?) who should know about the organization and make an introduction.

You’d be surprised how many of our community partners have had such an influential impact on our organization from places that are (seemingly) unrelated to our cause. We have had space donations for events, product donations, and more that have supported us and increased awareness in new areas of our community. Send us a note today with your introduction!

10. Support us financially.

We know that every little bit of support can help, now more than ever. Even though sometimes it can be easy to think that a gift doesn’t matter, just remember that it only takes us 50 gifts of $100 to get to $5,000. Together, we can combine those gifts to pay for someone’s rent during their treatment, offer them a wig during their time of need, or provide information for them from our Medical Information Team when they need it the most – and along the way, continue to ensure our clients that every program and service is entirely free for them.

Finally, please know this list is only the beginning, not the end! We know there are more than 10 ways to support us, so please leave a comment below with another one we may have missed. We would love to chat with you about the other creative ways to get involved.

Sending one more *virtual* hug and elbow bump your way – The BACC Team